" ... that we many be free from factional impositions, corrupt representation and unjust settlements."

  Why participate - guide section

Policy Forum has a role of disseminating information on issues of concern to the people of Britain through propositions. These not only explain an issue of concern in terms of the cause but also aims to enlighten or inform readers as to solutions in the form of policy or regulatory propositions. In other words the people do not have to wait on parliament and the government to "get round to" considering something most consider to be urgent, or to initiate an "enquiry" to kick issues of concern into the long grass and subsequently to shelve the report. The people are tired of these sort of destructive, cynical parlour games played by political parties.

What is participation?

Participation can commence by simply reading posted propositions and sending in comments to improve them. People are free to suggest topics of concern but might not wish to produce a proposition. In such cases people can send us in information on what concerns them, even if there is no proposition, and we will work together with those expressing concerns to develop acceptable propositions. So participation in Policy Forum can be educational and enlightening and, we hope, inspiring.

Please send all contributions to: secretariat@policyforum.org.uk