" ... that we many be free from factional impositions, corrupt representation and unjust settlements."

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Propositions are almost always work in progress starting off with a notification of a concern. Listing of who is affected by some matter of concern. Why they are affected. The significant of the issue leading to an analysis giving rise to the preparation of a proposition on how to address and solve the problem. Therefore use is made of a colour code to indicate the state of maturity of the development of a proposition as shown in the table on the left.

Any proposition topic in the table on the right indicates concerns or interests have been expressed and the associated colour code indicates the state of development of a proposition. Anyone can contribute to the information so that pitfalls and wrong information can be pointed out. Propositions that are not effectively advanced within a period of 60 days will be removed to provide an incentive for concerned citizens to continue to examine, analyse and develop their efforts in preparing a proposition. The initial information on any proposition topic is date stamped to record initiation.

To review the state of any proposition on any topic click on the topic name of interest in the table on the right.

Identification of propositions for reference purposes for other actions

Once the development of a proposition reaches a thread grouping permitting an integrated treatment by a single proposition, the proposition will receive a number in order to proposition identification. For reference purposes use can be made of the html link format as follows: www.policyforum.org.uk/proposition###, where ### is the relevant identification number.

Any general proposition topic domain can have several propositions according the how the threads of expressed concerns group together.


In transcribing and summa rising content received, the Secretariat will make what are considered to be helpful comments contained in square brackets [ this is a comment ]. Sometimes these comments will point out cross connections to other proposition preparation content as an alert to possible redundancy or a need for a more comprehensive propositions integrating the different aspects of an issue of concern to be resolved.

Please send all contributions to: secretariat@policyforum.org.uk