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22nd August, 2020. Announcement

1st September, 2020

Thank you for shifting concerns covered by the developing macroeconomic policy proposition from the different topic areas concerned. This is on time and bodes well for the efforts to complete the first proposition on this site.

23rd August, 2020

We have added several audios to the resources section under Macroeconomic policy.

A review of evidence so far has given rise to the realization of the need for a vital constitutional proposition which will be added to the Macroeconomic policy resource section as well as an audio, both under the title of

"A constitutional settlement for the people of Britain over public choice in the determination of macroeconomic policy "

designed to close gaps in provisions that significantly undermine the agency of the majority of constituents in determining decisions that influence policies that directly impact their economic prospects.

21st August, 2020

All proposition topic concerns have been reviewed to examine if a single alternative macroeoconomic approach can address them. This analysis is presented in the preamble to the specification of the very first proposition on this site as Proposition 001: Macroeconomic policy.

Note that at the end of the preamble a text in red requests feedback concerning possible gaps or additional concerns people have not yet recorded. We will wait until Tuesday 12:00 hrs to move onto the next stage of proposition specification.

21st August, 2020

We have assigned the very first proposition number to the Macroeconomics Policy topic

21st August, 2020

The Macroeconomics Policy topic is advancing most rapidly
  • We believe this topic will produce the first completed proposition on this site because of its rapid advance (we only started this effort on 15th August, 2020) largely with reference to RIO Real Income Objective policy developments which, although developed independently, have a lot in common with the Austrian approach.

    We would advise those who contributed to other economic threads to check to see if this Macroeconomic Policy topic development is covering the specific issues of concern to these contributors; it seems to be this way.

    We think there is sufficient coverage of so many critical issues in what has been placed under Macroeconomics Policy that this section should be reconfigured into one or two DRAFT propositions in order to gather wider feedback and guidance/suggestions.

    [We are still trying to find more comprehensive approaches to a specific macroeconomic policy framework with policy instruments or any options produced by the Austrian approach in terms of specific proposals; so far no luck. If any readers know of any we would welcome such information.]

19th August, 2020

  • [Suggestion from Secretariat: Looking through the concerns with respect to the Economics threads:

    Finance, Income disparity, Industry & services, Interest, Money supply

    it appears to be evident that:

    1. The CONCERNS all relate to various impacts of current macroeconomic policies.

    2. Those affected appear to be the MAJORITY of the constituency.

    3. The MECHANISMS are connected to financialization and monetary policy and quantitative easing and in particular too much money based on debt.

    4. So the likely PROPOSITION/S will involve a proposal for a policy or policies that is distinct from the conventional but will be:

    5. A NEW APPROACH to macroeconomic policy.

    To explore this possibility we are opening a new topic: Macroeconomic policy]

  • This is still early days but some of the concerns can be advanced slightly by defining more clearly who is affected by the concerns raised

  • Just as a reminder, the stages are:

    1. What is the concern?

    2. Who is affected?

    3. How many people does this involve?

    4. Develop a description of the causes of the problem

    5. Review any attempts to resolve this issue and identify why they have not been effective

    6. State the proposition to solve this issue involving the introduction of changes in the law, regulations, practice, forms of due diligence, prudential norms and ethics.
Lets try and move on to the stages highlighted above.
18th August, 2020

  • We have had to question the language used in some communications received and remind everyone that we are not a social medium but a service working towards solutions to significant problems facing the UK constituency

  • Industry and Services and Finance sections have additions

  • Industry and Services and Finance sections have additions

  • Economic Resources section expanded with Austrian School and Modern Monetary Theory references

  • Finance Resources section expanded related to Industry & Services concerns

17th August, 2020

Education has been added as a topic. The motivations relate to:
  • The most recent poor performance of the exam regulator Ofqual that is facing criticism over the statistical model it used to decide the grades

  • The excessively academic curricula set for primary through secondary schools, including so-called academies, which tack useful technical content

16th August, 2020

Some cross relationships are coming up. For example NHS staff pay cross relates to income disparity and health provisions through NHS are cross relating to trade policy which so far is not a topic for propositions. However, taking into account the recent parliamentary treatment of the NHS with respect to trade negotiations and with the BREXIT situation still unresolved, trade policy will become a critical issue and probably requiring more in depth analysis and possible propositions. We invite interested parties to initiate remittance of concerns.

15th August, 2020

We have a large amount of content to be distributed amongst the relevant proposition topics and we expect to get through this by middle of week 17-21 August.
Please be patient.
However comments and additional contributions are welcomed.

14th August, 2020

Policy Forum was launched on 13th August, 2020. It is still early days. But two issues have coincided to cause great concern for the people of this country. One has been the declining economic circumstances of an increasing number of people and this has been highlighted as well as exacerbated by Covid-19. We are therefore initiating proposition preparation related to economics and health.

Therefore in these preparatory stages we will gather together under different topics the concerns expressed by anyone that are related to:
  • Macroeconomic policy
  • The National Health Service
Please send in concerns
Please send all contributions to: secretariat@policyforum.org.uk
We will tease out the main concerns from those received and place them in the relevant proposition pages. Please try and keep your contributions at this stage to gaps, needs and what the effect is that is causing concern. Later we can move on to who is affected and then review options to remove the gaps and satisfy needs and thereby address the concerns. Then finally we can come up with a proposition or propositions depending upon the nature of the concern. Please look at, and observe the guidelines under "Post a proposition" on the Index page.
Policy Forum