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Health services

The oversupply of fiat currencies has created a massive inflation in asset markets and an inflationary leakage from asset markets forcing constituents to face rising prices and rents for land, houses, retail space, offices and industrial units....
   Initiated 15th August, 2020

Awaiting compilation of concerns, this is a large topic. However some salient concerns are already apparent.
  • In relation to maintaining performance in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, relevance of actions, impact, sustainability, resilience and national operational coherence, the arguments in favour of a health market as opposed to a national system are not clear and many instances demonstrate that privatization is less efficient
  • The arguments for privatization come mainly from insurance companies who see the growing demand for medical provisions linked to an aging population as a potential cash cow. However, within the insurance sector the claims function often has internal incentives to reduce pay outs resulting in effective gaps in coverage leading to a defective system

  • The lobbying of large insurance companies linked to pharmaceutical companies create an unsatisfactory state of affairs because they attempt to become benefactors of segments of political parties and selected politicians through various means. This raises the issue of transparency of principles and practice of negotiation at professional, technical, economic modeling and political levels.

  • Queries have been raised as to why the government has favoured contracting large service companies to "manage" services hey have never provided in the past when many local organizations and local organizations already have experience operators. The track and trace "contract" is a case in point. By keeping participation of these organizations out of the information and services loop only demonstrates a lack of concern for efficiency and effective coordination. It result is loss of practice and a rise in possession of health provision services by private entities.


  • The threat to the public provision of the National health Service by trade deals is of a generic character and the sanctions for changing the relationships between suppliers and the service as a result of changes in government policy can result in damaging financial prejudice [This points to the need for a proposition that review trade deals]
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