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  Propositions concerning Education

   Initiated 15th August, 2020

Education concerns education related to all life stages. This section is maintained to add concerns not covered in these threads.
  • Recent experience with the marking of school grade examinations has called into question the effectiveness of the regulatory authority that has resorted to "algorithms" to downgrade current results; there are good reasons why this will be unfair [more info on unfairness issues required]

  • The weighting of school grades, by an algorithm, linked to a school's status is completely invalid. There are many cases today of schools and universities of very high "status" having very few good teachers and tutors. Quite often student performance is a reflection of specific teacher or lecturer effectiveness and enthusiasm. Many young siblings learn more from their family and tend to follow their own knowledge trajectory build up leading up to exam time of which the teachers and schools are unaware. There are examples of individuals who got to Oxbridge and the teachers could not work out how. As Charles Dickens penned: "A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other."

  • School education is inadequate because it is too academic and there is a need to return to the previous technical education system [need to elaborate why]

  • The Secretariat? asks why? We can't adjust to the current mess left by the leading UK companies' globalization agenda that exported UK jobs abroad and drained our workforce of a critical mass of essential talents. The very academic schooling, and many secondary education courses, are inadequate for the adjustments the UK economy has to make. Long before the Covid-19 crisis graduates were having difficulties finding work. Children, from a young age, need to become acquainted with materials, nature and notions of technology and at secondary level there should be able to benefit from lab and workshop-based project work handling different materials and biological systems, in addition to information technology. In this way as information technologists they can better understand engineering problems and generate effective solutions rather than wasting inordinate amounts of time asking questions to which they should already know the answer. This is why technical education is so important. Our current systems have built in to them an enormous drag on learning curves whereas technical education speeds up acquisition of explicit and tacit knowledge and, with this, brings forward appropriate innovation benefiting all. With the economic, sustainability and climate crisis, this has become an imperative.

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