" ... that we many be free from factional impositions, corrupt representation and unjust settlements."

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" ... that we many be free from factional impositions, corrupt representation
and unjust settlements."

Agence Presse Européenne (APE) conducted a review of leading British media and noted a significant decline in the quality of coverage of economic and other policies with the media becoming an echo chamber for government pronouncements are very little analysis of the logic and rationale of policies implemented. The so-called "mainstream media" bolstered, quite often advertising cash flow from companies who happen to be benefactors of one party carry out campaigns to denigrate the image and status of opposing parties. On this basis the electorate remains ill-informed and unable to secure an objective insight to the basic cause and effect issues that in the end affect their wellbeing.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, largely precipitated by increasingly lax regulations and unethical practice within the financial services sectors, the government did not reflect adequately on the best course of action. There was a precipitous move to introduce quantitative easing which for over a decade leading to a significant diversion of low interest funds into assets. This has drained funds from needed investment to raise productivity and pay reasonable wages. Indeed, during the last 35 years profits have risen as a percentage of GNP while wages have fallen as a percentage of GNP.
Why propositions are needed

The UK media, think tanks and political parties are not coming up with comprehensive solutions that provide a transparent pathway for the future of the United Kingdom. This chatter needs to be replaced by work to identify effective solutions.

Therefore a broader participation is required involving the general population from all walks of life. This is because each and every one can bring specific insights to the table and together we can identify effective solutions.

This is the purpose of propositions.

These need to be developed by the people and not by those who have a stark record of failure in this essential area of community governance. Policies, for too long, have been shaped by corporate lobbies, corporate media or political parties, excluding the participation of the majority but serving the interests of a tiny faction of benefactors.

Although this situation was already becoming untenable by the end of 2019, Covid-19 has exacerbated the state of affairs.

What is lacking in the policy space in a serious analysis of options in the economic policy area. This is an urgent matter because of the unacceptable levels of income disparity in the United Kingdom with an increasing proportion of what was a middle income class entering the domain of those existing under increasingly precarious circumstances exacerbated by the destruction of savings by close top zero interest rates.
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The political parties have not prevented these developments and remain largely inactive and silent on the issues of most concern to the majority. What is lacking in the United Kingdom is a forum, a type of citizen's jury to raise issues of concern in an objective and non-partisan basis so as to develop rational propositions of solutions.

Policy Forum is an initiative of Agence Presse Européenne to provide people to have their say unencumbered by the political party dogma and a biased media who only wish to dominate agenda which risks sinking the people of this country into a more desperate and insecure circumstances.

Policy Forum has no connection or affiliation with any political party or interest group and the operation of the Forum will be by volunteers. The role of the secretariat is to faithfully transcribe communications received by email to the relevant sections on this web site, the content contributing to the development of propositions.

Please send all contributions to: secretariat@policyforum.org.uk
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